Zanjan rug


  • Size : 195 * 140 cm
  • date : circa 1940
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of cotton
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : short

Zanjan is a rug made in the northern province of Iran known as Zanjan. It produces many beautiful Persian tribal rugs, which are all handmade by rustic people living in the northwest of iran. The colors of these rugs are usually very bright and lively with geometric designs. the patterns of Zanjan rugs tend to be largeĀ , zanjan rugs may be included among Kurdish rugs, woven by peasants between Hamadan and Farahan, the rugs are traded through Hamadan. Old and antique zanjan’s are prized by experts and sought after by collectors, Both old and modern rugs are similar to Bijar pieces in colour palette and quality. Many experts ascribe these carpets to the kurdestan area because of their toughness and their designs. almost all the rugs are offered in sizes between 1 x 1.50 meters and 1.5 x 2.2 meters . Colours are in shades of red, blue and brown, on mostly dark blue fields. Green, yellow, black and white, are sparingly introduced. Pink, orange and other ‘fashion’ colours are used in new carpets. all the rugs of this provenance strongly resemble one another in colour and style and are dominated by a flat hexagon more or less densely filled with polygons. Borders are generally broad, with geometric flower and leaf motifs, and are sometimes accompanied by multiple guard stripes. In older pieces the patterns of the central motif are repeated in the borders. Foundation is usually of cotton; the minority made with wool foundations tend to be more loosely constructed. The majority of zanjan rugs have a hard, stiff handle, similar to Bijar rugs, and must be rolled and not folded. Old and antique zanjan rugs are rare and are prized by connoisseurs.


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