Qashqai rug


  • Size : 230 * 143 cm
  • date : circa 1920
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of wool
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : almost long

The carpets of the Qashqa’i are the best known and, in general, the most beautiful of the area and the history of the tribes is reflected in the resemblance of the carpet patterns to those of north-west Persia and the south-east Caucasus. The principle Qashqa’i tribes are the Basseri, the ‘Amaleh, Shesh Boluki, Qashquli and Farsi Madan. Qashqai antique rugs are prized by collectors for the silky quality of the wool, the fineness of the weave and the jewel-toned colors found therein. The colors most often used are reds, beautiful blues of varying shades, navy, and in smaller increments of color, ivory, sometimes yellow and light green. One of the most recognizable designs of the Qashqai weavers repertoire is the diamond medallion. This is often seen with variously placed small figures representing people, flowers, animals, and birds in the field of the rug. The Qashqai women begin to learn weaving at an early age and these rugs are woven from memory .The carpets have a typical red ground colour and blue ground colour. The pattern is tied from memory and often consists of a centrally placed medallion, repeated in all four corners. Humans, four legged animals, birds, trees and flowers are popular elements. Well-made Ghashghai carpets are attractive and durable products that tells a lot about the conditions of the nomadic life.┬áThe carpets are woven on horizontal looms, Ghashghai carpets consist of a hexagon or diamond with four projecting hooks inside of a hooked diamond


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