Ahar carpet


  • Size : 320 * 224 cm
  • date : circa 1930
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of cotton
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : short
  • Heriz

The small town of Heriz is one of the weaving centers in Azerbaijan, and has given its name to one of the most important carpet weaving ┬ácenters. Carpets from the town’s workshops are of better quality than those from the inaccessible mountain villages. The typical madder red color and a highly individual medallion are the main characteristics of these popular carpets.. Brown, beige and turquoise shades indicate older pieces. The designs of old Heriz rugs differ radically from those of new pieces. Old and antique Heriz carpets are sometimes found in large formats and in wonderful blue and turquoise shades. center medallions patterns are often richly decorated and have a characteristic, rather rectangular shape. Filler motifs include arabesques, palmettes and rosettes in colourful repeats. Also characteristic are the square or rectangular corners in the field, often decorated with arabesques

Ahar Rugs Like heris rugs, were woven in a small village near Tabriz and Gharabagh , northwestern Iran. The people of Ahar were mainly Turks with semi-nomadic habits. The Ahar carpets are usually rugs runners .They contains mainly earth tones, beige colors, warm reds and taupes. Like most other villages of Iran, rug weaving was an old tradition and one of the main industries. The designs of Ahar rugs are mainly geometric as is the case with most of the rugs from that part of Iran. The traditional Ahar rug is a trully work of rustic art


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