Malayer rug


  • Size : 198 * 129 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1920
  • Materials : Cotton foundation
  • This exquisite rug shows a luxurious pattern of malayer rugs which owns an archaic design, the design encompasses a cypress tree and peacocks. The symbol of goddess sun is hearted within the tree , ancient concept of Mithra is in relation with the sun . The cypress tree itself symbolizes the concept of Eternal life according to zarostrian beliefs. The design is based on the niche pattern ,contains flora and fauna patterns. The ┬áknot density of this Malayer rug allows a number of complex patterns situating in such a small rug. The overall look of this rug is completely similar to antique Qalamkar woodblock printed textiles ,this similarity is emphasized in cypress tree and peacock motifs , covering it. Multiple margins are segmented in such a distinctive way. Two margins on corners gives a commissioned class to the rug.


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