Abadeh rug


  • Size : 150 * 107 cm
  • Date : circa 1950
  • Foundation : : warp and weft are made of cotton
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : short

This pictorial Abadeh rug demontstrates a lion walking in a landscape in such a perfect way of depiction, mountainious area in the picture reminiscent the stepp lands of fars province , generally the lion owns a wild appearance with robust hands and legs , walking around and roaring in a nature , the special graphic design of this rug is ubiquitious throughout the picture, predominantly are diagonal strong lines, toothed lines of plants , trees and leafs have their own characteristics in drawing , it can be said that in spite of other Persian pictorial rugs in which naturalistic elements are depicted realistic , this rug has an alternative way of depiction which is more graphical. broken lines are dominant in this scene , colours are intensively satured and this factor adds to the excitement of the viewer. of course ,the weaver of abadeh rugs did not limit himself to imitating the designs of the Qashqai’s, according to the special taste that lies in him, he combined the nomadic motifs with the urban motifs and created a new design. Abadeh is an oasis village of about 50.000 people, situated in the northern part of the Fars province, roughly midway between Shiraz and Isfahan. close to the caravan and nomad routes, has made the inhabitants susceptible to outside influence. This can be seen in the rugs  produced in the city. There are similarities between Abadeh rugs and Qashqai handweavings. The dominant colours are red, dark blue, and white. The pile is always wool, while the warp and weft are cotton. This rug is a truly unique and priceless treasure


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