malayer carpet


  • Size : 480* 235 cm
  • Date : circa 1900
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of wool
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : short

The low contrast seen in coloring of this Malayer rug and the warm tonality of colors used in the medallions and corners are outstanding features of this magnificent rug. It also has a lot to do with the details in corners and borders.  The large and impressive round shape medallions of this Malayer rug are decorated with floral motifs.  Malayer weavers always tend to create novel and mesmerizing borders. The main margin  of this carpet is patterned with classic Herati design, which is a splendid pattern in Malayer carpets. The limited use of colors dedicates a special harmony and beauty. Piles lenght often gets cut shortly to display the details more clearly. The large size of this carpet indicates that it was custom-made.  Malayer and the surrounding villages have woven some of the most exquisite Iranian rural handicrafts.  Malayer fine rugs are easily distinguished from other Iranian carpets, because Malayeri weavers inspired their designs from a variety of patterns and turn them into original the ultimate level of beauty with their creativity and artistic taste.  The beauty of these patterns makes Malayer  carpets a valuable work of art.


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