Bakhtiary carpet


  • Size : 308 * 206 cm
  • Age : circa 1900
  • Foundation : warps and wefts are made of wool
  • knots : symmetrical
  • piles : almost long

thia bakhtiari carpet is designed by a well known pattern called tree of life , outlined by a set of geometric tree. the carpet owns a vertical central symmetry. treesĀ  arranged on a dark background throughout the field , framed by cartouched border which is patterned by flower motifs.
The weaving center of the Bakhtiari area is found south-east of Isfahan in Shahr-Kurd .This formerly nomadic tribe has since become settled. Today their carpets come from the Zagros region of the Chahar- Mahal .there is great variety of colors in the carpets produced in the several hundred villages of the area. The principal colors include many white and ivory shades, as well as various reds and browns, greens and yellows. Natural dyes generally produce a harmonious range of colors especially on older pieces. among the best known are the Garden carpets with their flower and tendril-filled compartment designs. In other carpets the field is decorated with lattice designs, filled with floral ornaments, equally distinguished as the well drawn medallion carpets of Saman… Old and antique Bakhtiari rugs are sought after and rather rare collectors’ pieces. Nomad carpets have a special charm and are distinguished for their beautiful patina.


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