Koliai rug


  • Size : 195 * 128 cm
  • Date : circa 1940
  • Foundation : warp made of cotton , weft made of wool
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : long

Koliai rugs are another branch of Kurdish rug in Persian rug category. The craftsmen of this tribe that make this collection live in western Iran. A Koliai rug is usually characterized by the bright and lively colors, centralized medallion with a classic hexagonal Herati diamond, and beveled corners inside the main border. Like all other rugs. Koliai rugs are often produced based on village patterns and weavers’ inspired them from the surrounding nature.  These rugs have often been weaved without maps, there are many commonalities in the type of existing koliai rugs with other carpets such as Hamedan, Bijar and Hersin koliai rugs, which has shown the rich relationship between the tribes


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