saveh rug


  • Size : 190 * 152 cm
  • date : circa 1930
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of cotton
  • knots : asymmetric
  • piles : short

Shahsavan  people that occupied the Saveh areas of Northwestern Iran wove this  amazing Shahsavan Rug. The pattern is composed by repetition of a small inticate pattern , duplicated throughout the field , encompasses abstract geometric floral patterns. These rugs that they produce are extremely fine in terms of quality and are often prized as masterweaves around the world. There are several groups of Shahsavan nomads scattered throughout Northwestern Iran. some shahsavan rugs are often referred to as Saveh rugs. The pattern in this rug is intricate and complex , colour combination is lively and creative.  Although saveh rugs are woven in the most harsh geographic conditions with no support of the modern technologies whatsoever, they never seize to amaze spectators. They have outstanding quality and excellent symmetry. A rug of this type is an authentic and unique Persian treasure that will fascinate every viewer. Weavers of this region usually use their own symmetrical knotting style, which tends to be dense and tightly packed down. The pile of these rugs is lustrous wool, handspun from local sheep. Cotton is the material of choice for the foundation of saveh rugs. Natural vegetable and root dyes are mainly used for the coloring of the rugs


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