Lori gabbeh


  • Size : 152 * 108 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1950
  • Materials : warps and wefts are made of wool
  • Knots : symmetric
  • Piles : almost long

This unusual gabbeh displays improvised pattern of a Lori piled rug. The design is structured by toothed lozenges, stands out in a vertical row. segmented into three separate sections. This tribal gabbeh has borrowed features of the harsh environment faced in nomad life, and represents them by thick lines, vibrant  colors and a passionate appearance where numerous horizontal lines can be observed throughout the gabbeh. Its corners are lined with interlocking visual elements, and its contrasting colors make the design look bold. Nomad weavers tend to express their artistic emotion by the use of dyed wool , pictured on gabbeh’s


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