varamin rou korsy kilim


  • Size : 224 * 224 cm
  • Age : circa 1920
  • Foundation : warp is made of wool and weft is made of camel wool

Rukorsi kilims, are used as covers for charcoal braziers or bread ovens. In the depths of winter, layers of felt topped by a Rukorsi kilim make a warm family blanket. this varamin rukorsy is patterned with a central rhombus shaped medallion with diamonds around it , margin is filled with colorful repetitive lozenges spread on a dark layer , background of this rukorsy is woven with undyed camel wool. The exceptional location of Varamin province and its divergent groups, residing since long in this district, caused some of the most interesting hand-weavings in this area, like rukorsy and rugs of Varamin. Coexistence of various people of Kurd, Lor, Shahsavan, Khamseh, Qashqai, Afshar and their reciprocal effect on each other, caused extreme creation over Varamin handweavings, Many inter-tribal marriages in varamin area have taken place between different clans, varamin rukorsies, despite the different tribal mixage , have more unique features compared to other flatweaves from this region


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