kamo Sofreh


  • Size : 126 * 118 cm
  • Materials : Wool foundation
  • A Sofreh is usually a cloth to prevent the bread from drying , originally it has two ropes on two opposed corners which folds it  . When making the dough The sofreh is spread under the tray so that crumbs are not split on to the ground and wasted. The most sought after Sofrehs are Kamo Sofrehs  by which are woven in a village south Kashan called: Kamo.  Kamo sofrehs are designed graphically and are colored with a wide range of vivid colors. The principle of the design of Kamo sofrehs are based on Simplicity. The composition of kamo sofrehs are particularly structured by Minimalistic forms. Generally measures , on average, a meter squared. This Kamo sofreh is a reproduction of an old one


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