Shushtar kilim


  • Size : 264 * 100 cm
  • Age : circa 1920
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of wool

Shushtar kilims are quite different in comparison with other Persian Kilims in appearance, background consists of rhombus shaped medallions, some lozenges cover the width of background with many horizontal panels, Benefiting from numerous geometric motifs throughout the kilim, having various width and complicated designs tending inside. Outer part of margins, a uniform weaving could be seen. some general specifications of shushtar kilims are their ground design which has a rhombus shaped medallion , also margins are often Complex and geometric, with outer lines, having uniform weaving , measurments are usually long and rectangular , also materials used in shushtar kilims are wool and camel hair , the texture is usually very congested , double interlock, hard and strong . To recapitulate, kilim weaving of shushtar has a strong background and is considered as one of the most evolved weaving cultures of iran


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