shirvan kilim


  • Size : 400 * 190 cm
  • Age : circa 1900
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of wool

this marvelous kilim is structured by diagonal rows of repetetive hexagons which are the most predominant shape among shahsavans of Iran and Azerbaijan, each row contains several colourful hexagons with lively contrasting colours. this composition gives a sense of dynamism to the composition. the kilim has a narrow margin which is typically for kilims of the shirvan area. These kilims are the most sought after flatweave among antique rug collectors. The composition of Shirvan Kilims is in two groups: 1.Kilims without margin and with a band like composition. 2.kilims with a star design which is woven in rows throughout the ground. it has narrow margins. These two designs have repeated elements, so the weaver pays more attention to colour combination to make kilims more attractive


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