Qashqai jajim


  • Size : 230 * 186 cm
  • Age : circa 1940
  • Foundation : warp and weft are made of wool

Jajim, just like kilim, is woven on horizontal loom. According to the pattern, which weaver has in mind, colorful warps with certain space have been prepared, on loom. Hand spun and fine wefts, prepared by tribe women, passed through warps and beaten by a comb, to be pressed. Warps make images of Jajim. Wefts are not seem very much. Common Jajims (Chahar-Koub) are like light and dark checkered in different colors. Motifs could be stripped, square, checkered, toothed, plain and parallel lines, and generally all motifs are along warps. Common Jajims could also be woven in two pieces or more. It means, that a narrow stripe with 5 meter length and 1.5 meter width, is woven; then divided into 2 pieces. These 2 pieces are sown together side by side. Selvedges in between hides the sown points. These Jajim are called “Double Width” and could be woven ever by a weaver. If weavers are more than one it is better to be woven in single width. This kind of jajim is woven in small and large squares. Colorful warps replaced each other and shown applied colors in every square, so lighten and darken colors of the ground. Sometimes it is decorated with small woolen gumpuls and give it special brightness. This gumpuls are applied in the center of squares or on the corner of them, in rows or zigzag pattern, as margin of jajim.


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