Qashqai gabbeh


  • Size : 213 * 186 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1950
  • Materials : warps and wefts are made of wool
  • Knots : symmetric
  • Piles : almost long

Looking at this nomadic gabbeh, one may be reminded of a modern painting. Abstraction is the mutual idea in contemporary art and tribal arts alike. The essence of nomadic arts has a tremendous emphasis on inexplicit expression. This Gabbeh is a fitting representative of abstraction, exhibiting three primary colors with an asymmetrical composition. This pattern is emphasized by its linear quality, characterized by vertical lines and framed by a narrow margin. Despite the common tradition among nomads to use tribal motifs, which dominates its visual appearance, this gabbeh showcases the arrangement of long rectangular shapes and the manner of its color combination. Specifically, the weaver blends the quality of pure colors, boasting the refinement of color tones by presenting a composition of homogeneous rectangles.


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