Qashqai gabbeh


  • Size : 135 * 100 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1950
  • Materials : wool foundation
  • The design of this gabbeh consists of assymetrical squares covering the field . The squares are arranged randomly with such vivid colors. They are outlined by contrasting colors ,color plays an important role in this patternless gabbeh. the creativity shown in this gabbeh explains that the weaver is trying to weave a basic compartment pattern while she tends to create an informal composition. .Qashqai weaver deliberately used intense colors in a new way , moving away from normal  everyday tones and working in stronger more vibrant shades. In this gabbeh ,the weaver doesn’t immiates the conventional tradition of Border weving, in opposed ,she gave a primitive look to the margin of this gabbeh.


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