Khal khaal kilim


  • Size : 293 * 157 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1930
  • Foundation : warp is made of cotton and weft is made of wool

in the nomadic areas of the khal khaal province, weavers are more tend to use cotton yarn in the foundation of kilim and use less woolen yarn as warps. Khalkhal kilims are usually 3 x 1.5  meters in size, and the design of khalkhal kilims are usually accompanied by one or more medallions with a single border, background is plain field and has no details ,  hand weavings of this area are mostly coarse and are wild in nature. This khalkhal kilim has wonderful, rich contrasting colours of madder red, yellow ,grey  as well as touches of green, blue and orange. it has three spectacular lozenges as medallion laid against a plain red field. Dramatic lozenges is the most prominent characteristic of this kilim which makes it distinguished among other khal khaal kilims .


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