harsin kilim


  • Size : 288 * 145 cm
  • Age : circa 1950
  • Foundation : warp is made of cotton and weft is made of wool

noticable with this kilim is its dramatic central medallions ,the kilim is riched with zoomorphic motifs, asymmetrical depiction of ethnic motifs gives a primitive expression to the kilim , margin is adorned with colourful motifs. The design has a wild and passionate sense ,patterns are made from memory and have passed from a generation to another, they are completely inspired by the natural habitat of Harsin village . weavers use these inspirations and incorporate them into abstract designs so that they can be applied in Kilims. Harsin kilim is woven according to the weaver’s taste and the conditions around him. Visual elements In the margin and background, are patterned perfectly. zoomorphic motifs and characteristic shapes of Harsin village can be seen on the field. Local fleece is used in weaving of this flatweave.


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