Bakhtiary rug


  • Size : 226 * 153 cm
  • date : circa 1940
  • Foundation : warps and wefts are made of cotton
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : long

Perhaps one of the most prestigous Persian tribal rug is Bakhtiari rug. They are hand-woven by the semi nomadic Bakhtiari tribes people living in Central Iran. Persian garden design is a glorious design of Bakhtiari rugs. The field is laticced, each panel contains floral motifs ,representative of Persian garden decorated with birds and trees. This lively garden design experesses the Persian love of loveliness. The magnificent design of this bakhtiari rug is a favorite of many Persian rug enthusiasts because it is a very sumptuous expression that isn’t too overwhelming. An authentic Bakthiari  rug is truly unique.


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