Bakhtiary abachi rug


  • Size : 200 * 120 cm
  • Date : circa 1940
  • Foundation : warp made of cotton, weft made of wool
  • knots : symmetric
  • piles : almost long

This Abachi rug represents images of Persian cypress tree and rose flower bouquet latticed with repetitive lozenges in which color differentiate plays a prominent role, main margin is patterned with large flowers , luminous colors are certain specification of Abachi rugs , Bakhtiari designs are mostly curvilinear and carpets are classified in the rural rugs category. Today, Bakhtiari carpets are woven in many villages located in a region of western Iran known as Chahar Mahal. The best Bakhtiari rugs are made in these cities and villages: Chaleshtar, Shalamzar, Saman,Hinegan, Qahfaroq, Boroojen, Ashgaftak, Pirbalut, Arjang, Vardanjan, Boldaji, Faradonbeh , Abachi and Ardal . The types of carpets produced by Bakhtiari people have similarities in structures and color palettes. In general, Bakhtiari carpets are of the highest quality wool and are thick carpets. They are considered one of the most durable Iranian carpets.  They usually contain abstract geometric patterns ,compartment design ,Persian garden design, tree of life design , vase and birds design and central medallion design


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