Afshar kilim


  • Size : 195 * 144 cm
  • Date of manufacturing : circa 1950
  • Materials : Cotton foundation
  • Among handweavings of Afshar nomads , are some which are known as Kouhi Afshars , kouhi means belongs to mountainous area , afshar nomads are settled in Kerman province, shahr babak and minor areas of sistan province .

    significant features of Kouhi Afshar weavings are their tendency to use brown color , the coloring of their handweavings are mostly dark comprising of brown and reds . The design of this sort of weavings are mainly geometric , they use mutual motifs with balouchy handicrafts . Most population of kouhi Afshars are spread on eastern part of  kerman , where they have similar weaving traditions with balouch tribes. This rare kilim is individual owing to some remarkable features. Using monotonous forms is well displayed in the design . appearance of design tends to be parallel with principles of minimalism movement in visual arts. The clever use of limited colors is another feature which contains minimalistic approaches. The main schematic of the design is assymetric .


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